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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336


Originally we started a foley department to have foley for our projects, but we loved it so much that we decided to make the whole service out of it. Every project we take is a new journey and a new challenge for us. We make every sound intending to tell a story.


Several years ago, we decided to partner up with Georgian Film to renovate Georgia’s biggest foley stage, built-in 1960’s by the top Soviet and German engineers to be used for foley that time. The stage size is 120m² (1291.67f²) with a 7m (23f) ceiling and has a fully isolated control room. Postred with Georgian film decided to give this stage new life for it to meet all modern standards by incorporating it with state of the art industry-standard equipment.
The size of the room gave us the capability of installing longer foley pits and recording “Acoustic” foley, meaning that we can record foley with room and do acoustically natural approaches or pass by-s. Despite the size of the room, it has small to regular room acoustic characteristics.


In partnership with the top prop houses in the country, “GEORGIAN FILM” & “Art Things”, we have access to the biggest collection of props that foley stage can have. Georgian Film has been collecting props since the 1920’s giving us access to almost any epochal prop available, as well as, a big range of guns and other military equipment.



Biko Gogaladze would have never imagined that his dancing skills would lead him to be a foley artist. He had never even heard of this profession. But everything changed when he found out about a company called Postred, that was looking for someone who would have the feel of rhythm, could imitate the movements of characters from the movie, and who would be passionate about this job. Biko decided to try and instantly fell in love with foley. He’s been doing it for a while now and he cannot stop! Sometimes the team calls him Mowgli, as he is so energetic, that he never gets tired; he always puts 150% and is determined to learn and develop on an everyday basis. He has already worked on more than 40 movies. His dancing skills came in very handy in one of the most critically acclaimed films “And Then We Danced…” where he literally danced while recording the main character’s dancing routines.
IMDB Credits



Giorgi Lekishvili, whom we call Leki, has been fresh out of University when we took him in. His immense love of films and sound gave us big hope that he would be a perfect member of the Postred team. He showed his big interest in foley and joined the department as a mixer. Leki’s huge love of cinema, his original vision, and sharp ear help him make creative decisions during foley mixing. Biko and he have been amazing partners since 2018. They work perfectly in sync and are always determined to work on more projects together.
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Jaim Sahuleka

“I have had the pleasure of working with Postred’s Foley during the summer of 2020 on a feature film shot in an amusement park that was open to the public during production. A lot of the production sound just couldn’t be used, because of the background music in the park. Beso and his team did an excellent job of doing full coverage for the whole feature. It was really noticeable that you guys know what the re-recording mixer needs. Every detail was there, in perfect sync, separation of foreground and background and following changing perspectives, everything in a well organized Pro Tools sessions, perfect! Excellent choice of props and surfaces which made it easy to blend Foley with production sound. I could have just had the Foley fader open unity gain, but it was even more fun to play around with it. Your Foley artists rock! I spotted a lot of totally sync one-takers. Communication was very pleasant and the delivery was super fast! I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.”
Jaim Sahuleka
Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer

Zach Seivers

“More I mix your work the happier I get. You guys did a really stellar job. I’m serious when I say that I am really looking forward to working with you guys again on the next one.
The quality of your work is really cinematic and so easy to mix. It’s just dialed in so perfectly that it’s the first time I don’t feel I need to constantly fix things or duck out of the foley to hide it. I’m so excited to bring you in on a project earlier so that we can record material and use it as part of the design and temp mixing way earlier in the process.”
Zach Seivers
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer | Primetime Emmy Winner and 2 time Golden Reel winner

Tom Boykin

“With a very little direction and only a QuickTime (with a horrible guide track to boot), the Foley team at Postred were able to quickly cue, record, and deliver edited Foley for the film. After unzipping the Pro Tools session and importing it into my master sound edit I hit play. It is one of the only times I have “just hit play” on a Foley session and not immediately reached for the VCA’s to turn all the props and feet down. Each sound was exceptionally well-recorded, with great care taken to not only prop and shoe choice but character’s performance. The sync was spot-on. I did have a handful of notes for the Foley team, which were swiftly executed. But the sheer quality of the sounds they recorded goes to show how the right room, props, and people can transform Foley into something with depth and meaning. is refreshing to have Foley that can play a larger role in telling the director’s story, versus “just for the M&E.” The great communication, dedication to sound quality, and expediency of delivery easily place Postred at the top of my call list for Foley recording.
always a risk when working with new people, especially if they’re not recommended by a colleague. I had an indie feature film that needed full-coverage Foley for international distribution, but my usual collaborators were unavailable. Looking for help, I posted on Facebook and was recommended to give Postred a shot. After reading a bit about their process and wonderfully-built stage in Georgia, I decided to take the risk – mostly due to the excellent communication by Tina, Head of Business Development at Postred.”
Tom Boykin
Re-recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor | 5 Time Golden Reel Nominee