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  • Foley

Sound Designers

Wylie Stateman,

Beso Kacharava

"The Painkiller," directed by Peter Berg and featuring Matthew Broderick, unravels the complexities of the opioid crisis in America, tracing the roles of its perpetrators and victims alongside an investigator's quest for truth. Our collaboration on this project involved working with an amazing team of Wylie Stateman, Austin Roth, Anne Jimkes, Elliot Hartley, Omar Gonzalez, and Bob Merkl.
sound department
  • Austin Roth

    Re-recording Mixer/Sound Effects Editor
  • Anne Jimkes-Root

    Dialogue Editor
  • Mariam Dieser

    Dialogue Assembly
  • George Murgulia

    Sound Effects Designer
  • Omar Gonzalez

    Assistant Sound Editor
  • Elliot Hartley

    ADR Supervisor
  • Biko Gogaladze,

    Giorgi Lekishvili

    Foley Artists
  • Alexander Sanikidze

    Foley Designer
  • Bob Merkl,

    Lisa Morris Stateman

    Post Sound Services
  • Joshua Minyard

    re-recording mixer
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