The Idol

The Idol

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  • Foley


TV Series

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Release dates

June 4, 2023

Sound Designers

Beso Kacharava,

Wylie Stateman

HBO's drama, "The IDOL," directed by Sam Levinson, is a TV series about Jocelyn, who is desperate to reclaim her rightful title as the greatest and sexiest pop diva in America after a nervous breakdown disrupted her most recent tour after Tedros, a notorious nightclub entrepreneur reignites her passions. We collaborated with the legendary Wylie Stateman and the phenomenal team at Soundelux.
sound department
  • Austin Roth

    Re-recording Mixer
  • Anne Jimkes,

    Elliot Hartley

    Co-Supervising Sound Editors
  • George Murgulia,

    Zviad Mgebry,

    Omar Gonzalez

    Sound Effects Designers
  • Tina Babakishvili,

    Ani Tsintsadze

    Audio Post-production Services
  • Mariam Dieser

    dialogue editor
  • Biko Gogaladze,

    Giorgi Lekishvili

    Foley Artists
  • Alexander Sanikidze

    Foley Designer
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