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  • right sound

  • right time

  • foley that has a right acoustical space
    Our state-of-the-art stages are equipped with multi-microphone setups, providing the perfect environment for recording acoustic Foley.
  • In 2018, together with the film studio 'Georgian Film,' we restored the iconic facilities to their original glory. We upgraded them with longer Foley pits, state-of-the-art equipment, microphones, and preamps.

    These spaces allow you to record top-notch quality Foley, create unique custom ingredients for sound design, and try daring experiments.
  • This is our primary Foley stage, a 120 sqm (1300 sq. ft) space designed explicitly for Foley work back in the '60s.
  • Historically a screening hall, this space fell into disrepair after the Soviet Union’s collapse.
  • A small-sized Foley Stage is a versatile sound recording studio designed to create high-quality sound effects in limited spaces. Despite its smaller size, it is fully equipped with all the necessary sound equipment and props required for sound design.
  • The right sound, in the right place without a lot of sweeteners — it's the principle that guides our work. We program, record, edit, and pre-mix Foley to elevate your story.
  • Imagine a kid running through 1850s America; it's not just his footfall but the coins jingling in his pocket that transport you there.
  • Every sound feels like it should be there at the right time
    Our scalable foley machine, supported by an army of talented people, ensures unparalleled efficiency. We deliver sounds in sync with the production track, perform foley conforms, and patch gaps seamlessly.

    With our comprehensive Foley report, understanding deliveries is swift and straightforward. We do programming, recording, editing, and pre-mix, all for a single fee.
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Pinpointing exact recording spots and organizing props in advance saves our artists' and mixers' valuable time and enhances their focus on creativity, allowing for a fluid transition into the recording phase.


With our multi-microphone placement techniques, we record acoustical Foley and impactful sounds that naturally enhance the narrative without requiring extensive sweeteners.


We meticulously shape each sound to help tell the story. We go beyond conventional Foley by processing the sounds when needed and enhancing them with commercial, our rare collection, and custom-made libraries.
meet the
Foley team
  • Biko Gogaladze
    Biko Gogaladze
    Biko Gogaladze never thought his dancing skills would lead him to become a Foley artist. In his career, Biko discovered that his sense of rhythm and the ability to imitate characters gave him superpowers as a Foley artist. Biko's Foley has been a highlight for many popular films and series.
  • Tornike Dzidzikashvili
    Tornike Dzidzikashvili
    Tornike, a skilled Foley artist, intertwines his love for art and competitive gaming into his craft. With exceptional communication skills, he seamlessly translates ideas into captivating sound effects. His attention to detail makes Tornike a fantastic collaborator, infusing each project with creativity and ingenuity.
  • Beqa Turashvili
    Beqa Turashvili
    Beqa, a former football player with a genuine love for the art of sound, stumbled upon POSTRED in 2021 and was immediately intrigued. Despite facing initial rejection, he remained persistent and eventually became a highly skilled Foley artist with an unwavering focus on meticulous detail and the creative process.

    Beqa's journey is a testament to the significance of pursuing one's passions and persevering through obstacles to succeed.
  • Giorgi Lekishvili
    Giorgi Lekishvili
    Giorgi Lekishvili has an immense love of cinema; his original vision and sharp ear helps him make creative decisions during Foley mixing. He's been our invaluable team member since 2018.
  • Salome Maisuradze
    Salome Maisuradze
    Salome's adoration for the cinema and video games inspired her to discover her true calling as a Foley mixer. Her unwavering ambition, meticulous attention to detail, and boundless creativity have made her a highly esteemed and invaluable team member.
  • Joni Amiranashvili
    Joni Amiranashvili
    Joni Amiranashvili fell in love with music at 15, like many others at POSTRED. From a young age, Joni was curious and detail-oriented, which led to his aspiration for music and a love of technology. This eventually became his beloved profession as a Foley Mixer.
  • Alexander Sanikidze
    Alexander Sanikidze
    Alexander Sanikidze's journey and discovery of the hidden world of Foley Sound Effects began with an absolute love of creation. His desire to be a part of the creative processes, have a chance to push his craft boundaries, and devise something that inspires others, has led him to POSTRED.
  • Rati Chkhetiani
    Rati Chkhetiani
    Rati is a passionate Foley editor with a keen eye for detail and a lightning-fast work ethic. With a deep love for movies, Rati brings magic into editing. His dedication to precision and appreciation for the art of Film make him an invaluable asset to any production.
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
What can I say y’all? This is just such great work. You all never cease to amaze me with your attention to detail, quality, and emotion in the work. I really can’t tell you how excited I am about your work!!! You guys bring so much love to your work and it brings a lot of joy to mine.

Collaborated Projects
  • My Father's Dragon
  • Raymond & Ray
  • C'mon C'mon
Zach Seivers
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer from Edison Sweden AB
I just wanted you to know that your work is top notch! I only needed a couple of seconds to hear that this foley is done by an artist who is really talented. I know how hard it is to get footsteps sounding natural contributing so much to the sound as a whole.
Fredrik Jonsäter
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer from Edison Sweden AB
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Collaboration with POSTRED has been extremely rewarding. POSTRED has met every opportunity with the highest levels of expertise. A great group of talented and innovative Foley artists.
Collaborated Projects
  • Jules
  • No Hard Feelings
Robert Hein
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Working with the extremely talented team at POSTRED has been such a wonderful experience. They approach every project with a passion for the work and an understanding of the deep level of detail needed. They always deliver on time and are a joy to communicate with. They are amazing Foley artists through and through!
Collaborated Projects
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • No Hard Feelings
  • Reality
Ryan Billia
Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
Supervising Sound Editor
My experience with POSTRED has been consistently positive. They have a perfect track record of delivering on time, and their Foley work is excellent. They truly understand the essence of each scene and provide exactly what is needed without any unnecessary frills that could complicate my job. Working with POSTRED has always been a smooth and enjoyable experience. Their commitment to delivering high-quality results consistently surpasses my expectations.
Vidar Grande
Supervising Sound Editor
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