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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336


Our talented sound designers have the experience and creativity to develop unique sound assets for each project, based upon the massive sound library, upfront collaborative work with clients, and adaptive project management structure. Our area of working with sound is enormous. Imagine all kinds of visual media, plus installations – these are the fields that we cover with sound.


…and we hunt for cool sounds!

Because we are based in Georgia, we can easily find some cool soviet stuff.


We pay a lot of attention to every detail while choosing sounds for our projects.


We provide a complete sound solution for your TV shows, feature films & any visual media. And our re-recording mixers bring their skills and creativity to every aspect of your mix.


Beso Kacharava is a lead sound designer at Postred. He studied Sound Design for Visual Media at Vancouver Film School. After graduation, he returned to his country and started working on the three biggest TV Drama Series in Georgia as a Re-recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor. Many projects followed afterward, so he decided to create a company and offer complete audio post-production services. He has worked on such critically acclaimed projects as “Brighton 4th” by Levan Koguashvili, “And Then We Danced” by Levan Akin, “The Trader” by Tamta Gabrichidze, and many more.
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George has been an incredible asset for Postred. He was one of the first team members of the studio at the very young age of 19. His sharp mind and problem-solving skills helped him become one of the most critical employees in the Postred. He also supports the whole company to be technically evolved all the time. Thus he became someone who we now call the technical director! George is the heart of the company with his wittiness and energy.
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Dea Kulumbegashvili

“To summarize the experience of my collaboration with the team of Postred, a brief description would say it all – professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to cinema. It was a pleasure to work with you all! I am very much looking forward to our future collaborations.”
Dea Kulumbegashvili
Director, "Beginning"

Vladimer Katcharava

“Simply The Best! My cooperation with Postred started several years ago. I always get more than I expect from them, creative-wise and quality-wise – high international standards and always on time. It is a place where you can bring the film for the audio post and music and stop worrying, as you know the final product will be better than you expect.”
Vladimer Katcharava
20 Steps Productions | Producer, "Shindisi", "Girls Of The Sun", "Dede"

Dito Tsintsadze

“Group of young, talented, and highly professional people. I enjoyed working with them on my latest feature, “Shindisi,” for which Postred made sound and music. It’s been an exceptional experience! Beso and Zviad were on point with my needs for the film. Having significant experience working in Europe, I can confidently say that they are best. It was a great pleasure to work with the team, and hopefully, we will reunite soon.”
Dito Tsintsadze
Director, "Shindisi"; "Lost Killers"

Levan Akin

“Postred has been a real lifesaver for my film “And Then We Danced…”. They have stepped just in the right moment to create sound and music for the movie that conveys the real essence of Tbilisi and the lives of youth in it.”
Levan Akin
Director, "And Then We Danced"

Alexander Jeffery

“The services Postred provides with foley, mixing, dialogue editing, and various deliverables have been top-notch and always leave people asking where I get my sound mixed. I’m based in the U.S. in Louisiana and continue to be amazed at how seamless the communication and implementation of notes and feedback is. I highly recommend Beso and his team at Postred.”
Alexander Jeffery
Director, “The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy"

Sam Taylor

“Postred is professional, imaginative, and reliable. Dealing with them was a pleasure – their team was flexible, responsive, and met all of our requests creatively and efficiently. Composer Zviad Mgebry is one of the best we have worked with, and the foley, pre-mix, and ADR were top quality. I would recommend Postred to anyone looking for audio post-production services without hesitation.”
Sam Taylor
FA&E | Producer, "How to Fake a War"

Giorgi Tavartkiladze

“At the moment I had finished one of my short films, I had no idea a guy was developing a company in Georgia, which could offer me a world-class sound and original composing for my film. In this period in Georgia, there was very popular to say – I am taking my film in Prague, Munich, or Istanbul for audio post-production. The reason was that we all knew it was impossible to make good sound post-production in Georgia. It was in Hong Kong, in 2019, when I said to myself – I am so lucky, that I met Beso Kacharava and his companion, composer Zviad Mgebry. It was the 49th Hong Kong International Film Festival, where our short war drama “BAD PEOPLE” was a part of the festival. As the venue technically had a perfect quality of the sound projection, it was my first time to hear what kind of invaluable job had done Postred to me and my film. And I felt so proud when I realized this was a 100% Georgian product. Sound and original soundtrack by Postred. That’s why I always have a strong desire since then to say Postred, thank you so much, my friend!”
Giorgi Tavartkiladze
Director, "Bad People"

Gigisha Abashidze

“I can say many things about Postred and their professionalism, but for me, as a director, it is crucial to find people who will treat your film as their own, people with whom you can exchange ideas, try new things, and they will add something extra. Beso and his team will dedicate themselves to help you make your film better. That’s exactly what I got from Beso and his team. In the end, I ended up with the perfect sound for my film and a friend who will always be by my side and will make my life easier knowing that my projects will be in his hands.”
Gigisha Abashidze
Director, "Neighbors"

Ketie Danelia

“Postred is one of the leading companies in the Georgian market; my collaboration on a couple of projects has proven that the excellent management and wonderful professionalism combined can make wonders in a short period of time.”
Ketie Danelia
Takes Film | Producer, "And Then We Danced"

Anna Sarukhanova

“For me, as a director, it is vital the project be treated as individually as possible, felt, and creatively helped to improve something, to convey my vision. Postred has a very professional team, and they are the best of the best technically. When they take on the project, they make every effort to understand and find exactly what you need. They fall in love with the film. This is perfect for me. When you work creatively with such people, and you understand each other’s needs, sometimes, even more, is born in the process than it was intended initially.”
Anna Sarukhanova
Director, "The Perfect Order"