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Tbilisi’s Drag Community through Jordan Blady’s “Comfort Zone”

We believe that every person on the earth is equal, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other status. Yet all too often we hear heartbreaking stories of people who suffer cruelty simply for belonging to a “different” group from those in positions of privilege or power. Postred supports the Pride Month that takes place every year, during the month of June, and recognizes the need to raise awareness of current issues facing the community. 


At Postred, we also believe that support should be shown through the work we do. One of such works is a feature short “Comfort Zone” by Jordan Blady, produced by Metro Production, starring Matt Shally – a drag queen, more of an actor and a performer. The film was premiered on DAZED yesterday.


When we were approached by Jordan and saw this short feature, we fell in love with the way it shows the queer community and drag performers in Tbilisi. Matt leads us through the stages of his life by telling the story of him coming up with a character called Victoria Slutyina, and then we follow him explaining how drag helped him accept and embrace his identity, how he found his comfort zone in the streets of Tbilisi, in a city where he can easily be judged and persecuted. Despite all of the challenges, the LGBTQ+ community refuses to give up the fight for acceptance and seeks the change they deserve.


In Tbilisi, there are just a few nightclubs and bars where the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe to express themselves. One of them is the original gay bar Success, which is at risk of closure due to the coronavirus. You can donate here to save Success Bar and help the community to preserve the place.

Watch the film below: