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Hirtenstra├če 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336

Giorgi Tavartkiladze

“At the moment I had finished one of my short films, I had no idea a guy was developing a company in Georgia, which could offer me a world-class sound and original composing for my film. In this period in Georgia, there was very popular to say – I am taking my film in Prague, Munich, or Istanbul for audio post-production. The reason was that we all knew it was impossible to make good sound post-production in Georgia. It was in Hong Kong, in 2019, when I said to myself – I am so lucky, that I met Beso Kacharava and his companion, composer Zviad Mgebry. It was the 49th Hong Kong International Film Festival, where our short war drama “BAD PEOPLE” was a part of the festival. As the venue technically had a perfect quality of the sound projection, it was my first time to hear what kind of invaluable job had done Postred to me and my film. And I felt so proud when I realized this was a 100% Georgian product. Sound and original soundtrack by Postred. That’s why I always have a strong desire since then to say Postred, thank you so much, my friend!”